Caso de éxito de la mansion krave y kellogg´s

Krave by Kellogg’s, the most groundbreaking cereal brand in the market, has been integrated in an incredible way in the world of metaverse and gaming, making a niche for itself among the gamer public.

From Playoffnations and Krave we continue to bet on advergaming as a disruptive and differential communication strategy. Therefore we have created a unique experience for gamers, where Krave has become a generator of entertainment through an environment created in the video game Fortnite, where users could enjoy mini-games and challenges with their friends.

A campaign amplified through streamers where the real protagonist was the user, invited to enjoy the Krave experience from the inside. Another example of how the link between the brand and the platform (Fornite in this case) offers endless opportunities to make our target audience fall in love.

Mansión Krave


The challenge was more than clear: to reach the retina of young people from their own terrain.

We associated the brand with the experience created in Fortnite and used several influencers so that, through their content, they could organically transmit the same values of Krave and thus give visibility to the campaign.

This excellent combination led Krave to position itself as a differentiated brand, which seeks fun and entertainment for users instead of interrupting it. This was achieved thanks to a very important premise: to generate engagement and closeness with them. But how to achieve it? by making a niche in the gamer community.


We created an environment in Fortnite, where the brand presence mimics perfectly with all the activities and all the fun of the environment, all this, amplified by the hand of streamers and content creators referents in the Fortnite video game.

In this virtual world, users found a large mansion, themed with the Krave brand and following an elaborate storytelling that caught and encouraged to play from the first moment.

In addition, users had five mini-games where users could test their skills against other players in different competitive modes, promoting teamwork and encouraging users to participate.


Not only did we create the environment, but we also amplified it, with the help of Fortnite’s leading content creators, who fell in love with the environment and its gameplay from the very first moment.

We created an event that united them in the same moment, a tournament in the different mini-games, where they tested their skills by facing each other and playing together with their followers, thus strengthening a deeper relationship, where the brand plays a fundamental role.



We managed to open a new communication channel between the brand and users, generating fun and entertainment in a differentiated and amplified way with Fortnite referent profiles. All of this left us with some shocking results:

-1,250,000 impacts vs. the estimated 1,500,000.
-6,980 visits to the campaign
-In addition, each player spent an average of 20 minutes within the environment.

All this was achieved thanks to the great theming of the space that respected the look and feel of the brand and gave great visibility to the environment. In addition, the choice of the influencers who participated in the viralization campaign had a very good reception and good feedback from the users.

It was undoubtedly a success to take advantage of the emergence of creative 2.0, a factor that generated a scenario of reception and audience peaks around the game thanks to the integration of new features that aroused curiosity in the user, encouraging him to return again to the virtual environment.

And not only this, we also achieved a unique recognition in the advertising sector, winning an award at the prestigious IAB Inspirationals gala, competing against the best advertising campaigns of the year. The Krave Mansion won the bronze award in the “Gamified Entertainment” category.

Undoubtedly, a campaign that has marked a before and after, not only for Playoffnations, but for the entire advertising sector, demonstrating that gamification in this sector is taking an increasingly relevant role. A clear example that advergaming is still on the rise as one of the star trends when it comes to getting the attention and loyalty of Generation Z.