Meta Markt: Media Markt’s Fortnite island

Meta Markt: Unleashing the Future in the Fortnite Universe 

Step aside because a seismic transformation is sweeping through the digital landscape, and it’s called MetaMarkt! Europe’s juggernaut in consumer electronics and related services, Mediamarkt, has taken an audacious leap into the world of advergaming, and leading this exhilarating charge is none other than Playoffnations. 

Pioneering a Paradigm Shift: 

No longer content with conventional methods, Mediamarkt has teamed up with Playoffnations to chart a new course. The aim? Propel Mediamarkt into the global technological stratosphere, bringing its legacy closer to the hearts of new-age consumers. 

Our Objectives? Ambitious Yet Attainable: 

  • Brand Resonance: Weaving Mediamarkt’s identity into the digital fabric of consumers’ lives. 
  • Gen Z Connection: Mastering the art of engagement with the elusive Gen Z, establishing unwavering brand recognition. 
  • Conversion Mastery: Unlocking the power of discount codes to ignite a conversion frenzy. 
  • Business Evolution: Forging new paradigms in the business realm. 

From this genuine collaboration springs forth MetaMarkt, a virtual island within Fortnite that serves as a tantalizing taste of the metaverse. This captivating realm establishes Mediamarkt and its brands as household names in the Fortnite community. We’ve seamlessly integrated an in-game experience, live streaming, and influencer dynamics to catalyze a marketing marvel. 

Welcome to the Age of Engagement:

In the cacophony of the digital realm, grabbing attention demands a cocktail of entertainment, disruption, and gamification. Our approach does just that – it not only elevates brand visibility but also forms an unbreakable bond with the digital natives of today. 

Playoffnations, equipped with expansive expertise, meticulously curated a game that resonates with Mediamarkt’s essence. And what better platform than Fortnite? With its mammoth 30 million daily players spanning all platforms, Fortnite’s enchanting world was ripe for a brand-new dimension. 

But here’s the kicker – we didn’t just ride the wave; we orchestrated it—Fortnite’s free-to-play, cross-platform accessibility democratized entry to the gaming universe. Thus, we realized that here lay the golden opportunity to redefine Mediamarkt’s narrative. 

A 360-Degree Symphony of Success: 

Our strategy was three-pronged, building a comprehensive 360-degree campaign: 

  • MetaMarkt World Creation: Crafting an island within Fortnite – a thematic oasis strategically designed in collaboration with Epic Games developers. Challenges and mysteries awaited players, with daily milestones ensuring constant engagement. 
  • Amplification Tournament: A nationwide, adrenaline-soaked Fortnite tournament that lasted nine exhilarating days. Points translated into rewards, influencers set the stage ablaze on Twitch, and live battles ratcheted up the thrill. 
  • Viralization Phenomenon: A meticulously choreographed viral campaign over the tournament’s nine days, spearheaded by prominent Fortnite influencers. Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram were the megaphones that propagated the MetaMarkt island and its enigmatic code. 

The In-Game Odyssey: 

Inside Fortnite, Mediamarkt’s empire unfolded: 

  • Mediamarkt Store: The launchpad of our island journey, where players embark on their adventure guided by NPCs and information boards. 
  • Event Platform: A hub for spontaneous island events, inviting players to participate in extraordinary challenges. 
  • Metamarkt Lighthouse: A tranquil oasis offering players a panoramic view of their virtual playground. 
  • Volcano and MetaMarkt Temple: Intriguing landmarks where players could uncover secrets and attain milestones. 
  • Mediamarkt Castle: The ultimate crucible, where players were put to the ultimate test. 

A Triumph Beyond Boundaries: 

The MetaMarkt Island’s allure was irresistible, birthing a groundbreaking advergaming model. The campaign resonated with resounding results: 

  • Europe’s Most Played Island: An unparalleled achievement within Fortnite. 
  • 10 Million+ Social Impacts: A digital storm that reverberated across social networks.
  • Twitch’s Top Trend: The island became the talk of Twitch, a phenomenon in itself.
  • 40 Minutes Avg. Playtime: A testament to engagement and immersion. 

MetaMarkt is a testament to the potency of connecting with the next generation through intimately relatable language. At Playoffnations, our fusion of Know-How, technological innovation, and boundless creativity creates leaders of change. The game is evolving, and we’re propelling brands to commandeer the helm of transformation.