Fnac: Celebrating 30 years of culture and connection

At a time when technology and AI, that intelligence that creates songs, documents, poetry and everything we can imagine, becomes, little by little, creator of culture in our society.

From Playoffnations and Fnac, the leading company in Spain in the distribution of cultural and technological products, we have aligned ourselves to value this culture created by and for humans among new audiences.

A campaign that fuses tradition, culture and prescription with new entertainment formats and new drivers in the creation of content as prescribers.


We launched a strategic campaign to celebrate its 30th anniversary, focused on its slogan “Culture by and for humans” with an innovative approach aimed especially at young people.

Our main achievement was to increase Fnac’s brand awareness and visibility as a brand that promotes the value of culture, its impact on society and the role of humans.

We implemented marketing strategies aimed at young audiences, including the brand’s entry into booming platforms such as Twitch, where we collaborated with some of the most influential content creators and special guest influencers.


Twitch, the trending platform among young people, and just chatting, the most popular format on this social network, were the basis of ‘Pasa Página’, a program themed on Twitch as a branded content strategy.

A total of 5 programs, presented by Silithur and Mayichi, representatives of youth culture on Twitch, in which they addressed topics of cultural interest to young people, such as literature, gaming or manga, generating conversations where the role of the viewers was essential.

Surprise guests, incentives for the most participative users and an organic and coherent format achieved a unique and trending brand positioning among young audiences.



We created a perfect combination between culture and current affairs, showing the cultural range that is consumed by young people, from their own perspective, addressing in a dynamic and fun way cultural aspects relevant to young people in the different programs.

Culture by and for humans: a first program where the importance of culture in today’s society was addressed, and now, with the emergence of AI’s, Fnac seeks to delve deeper into what we humans have created.

Literature: a review of literature, its impact on different cultural contexts throughout history and, above all, today.

Manga and anime: all the influence of oriental culture that little by little has been making its way among young people to become one of the biggest trends.

Gaming: a gap to one of the biggest sectors of cultural impact among young people, in a society where it is the main leisure option among young people.

LibrosZ: literature is modernizing and adapting to changing tastes and new formats, creating success stories that engage all kinds of readers.


Balance between advertising and entertainment

A much more demanding public, which lives continuously impacted by brands and perceives advertising as something negative. At this point, Playoffnations turns this context into an opportunity, placing brands at the epicenter of fun, transforming advertising into organic content that users enjoy and have fun with.

Know-how of the new territories and language of the Z generation

The knowledge of the new generations, their language and above all, adapt to their interests and consumption patterns. The digital environment is changing, so being always up to date with the latest trends in this sector is one of the key factors to find strategic opportunities for brands.

Influencers and social networks, new entertainment drivers

All these dynamics were amplified through content creators, who have become the referents among young audiences. In the same way, social networks as a medium were one of the key factors in introducing the brand as a generator of organic entertainment with a great reception among users.


A campaign that generated strong engagement and conversation in the young community, achieving:

Broad visibility with 332,959 brand impacts.

Reach 136,579 unique users, with a 94.5% acceptance rate.


This is just the beginning. The success of the campaign reaffirms Fnac’s commitment to culture and digital innovation, promising new and exciting initiatives for the future.


[…] We are working not only to pamper our current #customer, but also to approach younger #consumers whom we want to accompany in their #culture and #technology consumption journey. And for that, we have to be where they are and in the media they consume.

We are innovating in the way we approach new #targets and building #brand in a different way. Thanks Playoffnations and Marc Pérez Miralles.

*Taken from Sara Vega’s linkedin post.