McDonald’s Land

Marketing en el metaverso con Roblox y McDonald´s Land

Case Study: McDonald’s Land in Roblox—Where Fast Food Meets Fast Fingers

In an era where digital experiences are as crave-worthy as a Big Mac, McDonald’s took a groundbreaking leap into the gaming universe with an immersive Roblox environment dubbed “McLandia“. In partnership with AMC Entertainment Holdings and Publicis, the fast-food giant showcased its ingenuity by blending the real and virtual, fun and functional, to create a game-changing marketing experience.

Objectives: Served Hot & Ready  

  1. Notoriety and Differentiation: Disrupt conventional engagement methods to build unique connections with the gaming community.
  2. Reach: Make a big splash in a virtual pond, seizing the gaming community’s attention organically.
  3. Community Engagement: Enhance brand loyalty via new digital channels.
  4. Strategic Positioning: Carve out a space for McDonald’s in the lucrative gaming sector.


Context: Why Gaming? Why Now? 

With new generations being the imminent consumer bastions, understanding their digital habits is essential. A burgeoning gaming market valued at approximately $229.4 billion in 2022 alone highlights the immense opportunities. McDonald’s sought to harness this potential by leveraging advergaming and technological innovation as strategic relationship builders. 

The Game Plan: A 360º Campaign  

In-game Activation: “McLandia” featured five uniquely themed islands, each with its own set of mini-games and challenges that resonate with the McDonald’s brand narrative. 

  • Central Island: The hub featuring the main restaurant and a world store for in-game purchases. 
  • Hamburger Island: A parkour challenge with burger ingredients as obstacles. 
  • Ice Cream Island: Snowboarding on a mountain of ice cream, dodging candy puddles. 
  • French Fries Island: A volcano of fries where players must dodge moving ketchup. 
  • Soda Island: A river-rafting adventure in a bubble, avoiding obstacles and racing against time. 

Phygital Strategy: Bridging the digital game environment with real-world benefits, enabling seamless consumer interaction. 

Influencer Marketing: Utilizing gaming influencers as brand evangelists to amplify the campaign’s reach. 

Results: Supersized Success 

– An exceptional blend of advertising and entertainment, offering an uninterrupted gaming experience. 

– Positioned McDonald’s as a technological pioneer in the gaming ecosystem.

Not only was this campaign a success in terms of numbers, but McDonald’s Land managed to win two bronze awards at the golden festival in the categories of Entertainment Music and Sports Gaming and Creative Commerce: Metaverse, New Realities and Emerging Technology.

 The Future: More Than a One-time Special  

This is just the appetizer. The resounding success of this activation reaffirms McDonald’s commitment to continuous digital innovation. Stay tuned for more; this brand promises to keep you saying, “I’m Lovin’ It!”