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Impacting the target audience is undoubtedly the goal of any marketing campaign. That a potential consumer remembers an advertising action is the greatest guarantee of success that a brand can obtain. The problem comes when we analyze a world full of possibilities where being the most original and impactful becomes a hard and not easy job.

But the truth is that capturing attention is only half the battle; the other half is retaining it. Achieving an innovative marketing strategy is not only a matter of creating surprise, but also of maintaining that excitement and keeping the audience engaged in the long run. By surprising consumers, you create an emotional bond that can translate into brand loyalty and a stronger, longer-lasting relationship.

Perhaps this is the premise of many marketers when it comes to making eccentric campaigns that go beyond fiction. Even without any certainty, this may be what is happening right now in Madrid. The capital woke up last October 11 with the news that a car had been crushed in the center of the city and, around it, what seemed to be excrements of an unknown animal. The news broke thanks to a Tik Tok video (the first indication that this may have something to do with influencer marketing) and the theories did not stop happening. The first of these theories blamed the damage on the fact that an animal – possibly an elephant – had escaped from the Madrid zoo and was roaming freely in the northern part of the city. The second said that it could be the shooting of a movie and, although it could be, it sounds a little suspicious that the organization of the filming itself left Madrid in such conditions. The third theory is the strongest, at least in the world of advertising. It may be a large-scale promotion of a premiere or simply an advertising campaign for a brand. It is a clear example of how intrigue and the unexpected can capture attention and keep it, provoking conversations and generating a lasting impact.

But this has not been the only event that has left the city in suspense and that carries the word marketing as its surname. A few months ago Young Beef, a sensation in the trap world, decided to take his publicity to a whole new level by throwing a considerable amount of money in one of Madrid’s busiest squares, Callao. This act not only generated a lot of commotion and curiosity among passersby, but also became a topic of conversation in social networks and media. Why? Because it challenged the norm, broke barriers and left everyone wondering about the strategy behind this unusual campaign.


The disruptivity in marketing

These examples highlight the importance of creativity and originality in marketing. To stand out in a world saturated with information and visual stimuli, it is critical to break with convention and challenge expectations. These bold campaigns not only attract initial attention, but generate constant and lasting buzz, keeping consumers interested and engaged.

Bold and creative marketing has the power to push boundaries, challenge the establishment and capture attention in unique ways. Breaking the monotony and surprising the audience is crucial to staying relevant in an information-saturated world. Innovation and originality are the keys to winning over consumers and securing a prominent place in their minds and hearts.