Content creators have found in streaming one of the best ways to transmit and create everything they want, through these platforms and live content, they create a connection and a much greater involvement with users than through delayed videos, as is the case of Youtube.

In the streaming world, Kick and Twitch are two platforms that are gaining prominence in the industry. Both offer content creators an opportunity to showcase their skills and connect with a wide audience.

Kick: the new streaming platform

Kick is presented as a streaming service with features and functionalities similar to Twitch, but with an aggressive economic strategy. Its main attraction lies in offering all streamers a highly competitive revenue share for content creation. In addition, Kick stands out for its emphasis on the freedom of content creators, for being much more permissive with different topics that are not allowed on platforms such as Twitch, and the ease of migrating users between platforms. These promises have attracted the attention of some prominent streamers who have decided to make the leap to this platform.

Streamers who have made the jump to Kick

One of the content creators who has opted to join Kick is Grenheir, who started streaming in 2022 and managed to get outstanding figures thanks to his IRL content and the Bellum series, which unfortunately caused him to be banned from Twitch. Grenheir announced his joining Kick, albeit non-exclusively, for a sum of €5 million per year. By his own admission, Grenheir feels Kick aligns more with his personal values and standards.

On the other hand, one of the most talked-about moves was Kick’s signing of xQc. Féliz Lengyel, one of the most popular Canadian content creators on Twitch, decided to move to this new platform after three consecutive years as the most watched streamer on Twitch. The deal between Kick and xQc was stipulated in 2 years and amounted to an impressive $70 million, not including exclusivity. In addition, additional incentives were put in place that could take the deal up to $100 million.

Twitch: the streaming platform par excellence

Twitch, meanwhile, is one of the most established and recognized streaming platforms in the industry. It has been home to many prominent content creators and has a large active user base. Over the years, Twitch has managed to establish a strong community and a structure that supports its creators. However, the success of Kick and the moves of prominent streamers to this platform have generated a noticeable impact on the streaming landscape.

Both streaming platforms are in an ongoing competition for the attention of content creators and viewers. While Kick presents itself as a new, fresh and attractive option with an aggressive economic strategy, a much less restrictive free speech approach and ease of user migration.

Twitch, on the other hand, is a platform that has been predominant in the sector for years and is consolidated with a very large and solid community.

However, we must take into account the movements of prominent streamers such as Grenheir and xQc towards Kick, which show that this platform is gaining ground in the sector and can become a strong competitor in the streaming industry, forcing Twitch to change the way it acts with its users and creators.