Influencer marketing

20% of Spanish consumers claim to have bought on the recommendation of an influencer.

However, it is no longer enough just to communicate. We work to make the perfect cocktail between who, where and how the message transmits, using non-convencional media and the creation of value and entertainment, as fundamental resources to impact, retain and endure. 

We create campaigns based on the needs and objectives of your brand, in which influencer marketing acts as a bridge to attract and connect with the youngest target strengthening brand discovery, conversation and recall. 

In addition, 76% of users appreciate brands that help their favorite influencers achieve success, so the potential return on investment is enormous and knowing how to choose the right profile is essential. 

In Playoffnations we have our own representation agency

We work with national and international content creators, specialized in different areas, to generate branded content and advertising actions, both online and offline.

new generations

It is not enough just to have numbers, but to achieve impact. There are many variables and data that must be taken into account and measured to find the right influencers for each company or product 

We take care of

the profiles that really match your brand and target audience.