A Sortlist study claims that 22% of brands see the metaverse as the “future” of business and more than 15% see it as a new way to generate new business models. 

But what is the metaverse?

It is probably the question and the trendy concept since Facebook decided to convert to Meta. Immersive and multisensory environments, in which users interact socially and economically, through avatars. 

All this, together with the application of new technologies gives rise to the next generation of the internet, a space without limitations and with great potential for brands. 

Coca-Cola, Wendy’s, Gucci or Hyundai have already entered the metaverse.

Do you dare to be next?


An agency specialized in the METAVERSE is born.

Gamification, creativity and are own technology are the ingredients with which we manage to make the metaverse a new channel of communication, sales and loyalty.

Ad hoc strategyConsulting 

A specialized methodology that allows us to offer a complete and personalized service, analyse the status of our clients and define a strategy that maximizes their immersion in the metaverse. 

We offer a 360º service, working hand in hand and covering conceptualization, design, development, execution and viralisation, according to the interests of the business.

We provide you with all the tools and knowledge necessary to find the metaverse most related to your audience and objectives, or even create your own unique and inimitable one.

alter heaven

These are some of the environments in which we work: